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Next up film-wise for the beauty is Wild Card with Stanley Tucci and Jason Statham.Mae - 2x Great-grandmother (deceased) † Winnie - Great-grandmother (deceased)Joe Thornton - Father Lettie Mae Daniels - Mother Ruby Jean Reynolds - Aunt Lafayette Reynolds - Cousin Reverend Daniels -Stepfather Uncle Cyrus- Uncle Godric - Vampire Great-grandfather (destroyed)Eric Northman - Vampire Grandfather Nora Gainesborough - Vampire Grand-aunt (destroyed) †Pam - Maker Willa Burrell- Vampire aunt Colin - Vampire brother" in the series' first season, and has remained a prominent character throughout the series' second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons.While conducting an "exorcism", Miss Jeanette drugged Tara with a harmless hallucinogen that made her see a younger version of herself with blacked out eyes.This characteristic is also shown in humans who were under the spell of the Maenad Maryann Forrester.

She was last seen, in a flashback, in the series' finale episode, " According to Alan Ball, Tara is the smartest person in Bon Temps, Louisiana, but her cynical nature, born of her abusive background, has made her extremely blunt and often confrontational with others.

After becoming a vampire, she was initially hateful and fearful of her newfound powers.

Though she swore she would never forgive Sookie and Lafayette, she turned her vampire life around and made space for acceptance.

Tara's fate is confirmed in Fire in the Hole as Pam states that she did in fact feel her progeny's passing.

Tara, like her cousin Lafayette, has been said to have some magical potential.