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It is just as important to have analyze the material closely, as it is to interact creatively with the literature. Keep all your analyses, usually three, in one document and upload to FILES. We will have frequent discussions in the listserv about the books, the analyses, and related topics.The point of alter ego monologues is to allow students to enter another life subjectively as well as objectively, and to explore a perspective and culture different from their own. Meatspace Sessions will consist of creative role playing based on monologues you write in your character's voice, oral presentations on each of the authors, viewing of pertinent audio-visual material, and discussion and lectures on cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary issues related to the global literature.from Faiz Ahmad Faiz, ‘ Love’s Captives’ translated by Naomi Lazard While I will lecture on all material, your work need only include an in-depth analysis of five works of your choice, although you should acquire and peruse all books to be further studied at a later time. Prepare 2-3 project proposals with list of five books. If you have to miss a class, check SYLLABUS and OUTLINE as well as printed lectures, and email class listserv for any other problems.Summer 2007 Breakdown May 14: Introduction to theme, close textual analysis, and terror-criticism, a combination of formalist, historical, eco-, liminal, techno-criticism. No one expects you to be perfect but you must write and read, and then ask questions if you don't understand. We will analyze dramatic structure and show how Aristotle's Poetics has been transformed with twentieth century organic drama, screenwriting, ordinary world/special world paradigms and other innovative structures. Literature and Food, Literature and Sex/Love, Literature and Violence/Terrorism, Literature and Politics, Literature and Religion, Literature and Science, Literature and Business, Literature and Health, Literature and Sickness, Literature and the Environment Literature and Life HYBRID COURSE We will analyze different kinds of narrative, comparing Arabic with British, American, Chinese, Iranian, Russian, Turkish, Greek and French, looking at cyclical, pass-the-ball, superimposed, step narratives, interior monologues, stream of consciousness, American straightforward plainspeak, multiple narrators, shifting points of view and time.Black Water is both a personal and stylistic meditation on terror as well as an indirect indictment of the terror a powerful political leader has over an innocent civilian.Because one objective of fiction/drama is to create a combustive drama for the reader's catharsis, literature and terrorism are really competing with each other.

Then one fine day love came to drag me, bound and manacled, into the same cavalcade as the others. Since you can access this course any time, anywhere, there should be no reason why you cannot complete assignments.Instead of watching a naturalistic representation, we recreate the story in our minds to excite, soothe or incite us.Many of the writers we will study had personal experience of a world war, the holocaust, the Israeli checkpoints, prison for their writings or gender brutality such as clitorectomies.Difference between modern, postmodern, and terror-criticism. Notes for Hybrid Course Yusuf al-Qaid Iain Banks Paul Auster Don De Lillo Julia Keefer Glyn Maxwell Frederic Beigbeder Jonathan Safran-Foer Art Spiegelman Ken Loach Anchee Min Nawal el-Saadawi Sahar Khalifeh Joyce Carol Oates J. Ballard 11'09''01 Film anthology Will Self David Hare Martin Amis Ian Mc Ewan Salman Rushdie Claire Tristram Amy Wilentz Gao Xing-Jian Modern Albert Camus James Joyce Naguib Mahfouz Gabriel Garcia Marquez Erich Maria Remarque Jean-Paul Sartre Elie Wiesel In an age of terror, how does literature help us transcend our reality, lend perspective to our confusion by pulling us into the past and other cultures, and give expression to our anguish and fear through catharsis? In this course we will define terrorism the way the Arabs define it, as any organized violence, by an individual, group or state, legitimate or illegitimate, against a civilian population, either intentional or unintentional. The last day will involve a skit with role playing as alter egos. July 30: Global food fest and presentation of projects.