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Israel is on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is the worlds only predominantly Jewish state. It history and religious roots are strongly linked to the Old Testament and despite many peace agreements, conflict over its land continues.

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Contient des éléments issus des jeux GBC Harry Potter,et ne convient donc pas aux puristes des livres et des films. It's Christmas time and the Golden Trio are putting up with Umbridge and her decree's and trying to teach the DA Defense Against the Dark Arts.The ministry has its head in the sand about Voldemort's return but the Dark Lord Clause is a problem for everyone.

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Confused, resentful of the headmaster who barely helped her along, and with various forces competing for her attention, what choices will she make? The Wizarding World is at the age of recovery after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort. All had been well until a visitor from another realm appears before London.It's also common to (sexually) pair characters who are nemeses in the source material, in Fan Fic's own version of Slap-Slap-Kiss, Foe Yay and The Masochism Tango.Some Slash Fics are so low in erotic and romantic content that although they focus on the relationship between two same-sex characters, it's not obvious if they're slash or not; they're closer to Ho Yay themselves.Not to be confused with fics about the guitarist from Guns 'n' Roses (they can overlap if you look, however). Also, Slash Fic has absolutely nothing to do with Slasher Movies; if you are looking for "These were beautifully written stories, I don't want to give you the wrong impression! There was a lot of time and lyrical language spent in describing the romanticism of each situation. Often, "slash" is used for male/male pairings only, with "femslash" or "femmeslash" are used to define a female/female pairing (sing an "x" symbol between the names works too).