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Searchmate has disputed Aileen’s claims and said it had not received any correspondence from her after the letter was sent in November.

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She is prepared to live a lie with me and start a new relationship on false terms.I am confused and distressed but she does not think she owes me any explanation.I SHOWED a girl I met on Facebook my bits when we went on Skype for a while.Now she says she has saved the video and posted it on the internet. She says I will go to prison and pay a huge fine unless I do as she says. I have never been in any sort of trouble before but I am scared the police will come knocking.I have said I will delete her from Facebook and never contact her again if she removes it. DEIDRE SAYS: You are both over 18 so you haven’t broken any law.However you have been a victim of a crime – sextortion – often carried out by organised crime gangs overseas.Will this have any consequences on my next H-1B renewal OR if i go for visa stamping OR on the PERM application?Mine is a small company with just 12 employees and I hold the same position as I used to when i sarted.

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I AM a girl of 16 and I recently told my family I have a girlfriend the same age as me.

My parents disapprove so she and I parted and I briefly dated a boy.

I have got back with my girlfriend but my parents still want me to date a guy.

there are several steps..just posting on monster for 30 days Please go through Department of Labor guidelines Permanent Labor Certification ( employer will not withdraw my I-140. Sometimes even if they don't want to, to comply with govt. I would suggest not to get into a situation where you have to invoke AC21 till clouds are clear. I was wondering If I can start H1B visa transfer to the new company via premium processing(hopefully will get approved in 2-3 weeks) and continue to work for the current employer and get paid till the end of May, even the though the transfer would have been approved in the end of April. - Googlegc Friends: Two weeks ago I received an RFE for my E-Filed I-131 Advance Parole. (Should I put Attn: to this officer # 159) Please guide me ASAP...

Should I still go ahead with AC21 or should I just do change of address with USCIS? They requested two passport-style Photos but didn't mention where to send the RFE response. From what I have heard from close friends/relatives, your option B is correct.