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If no sign of infection is found the test is ‘negative’. Someone who tests ‘positive’ has their blood tested a second time to be absolutely sure the result is accurate.

Signs of HIV infection can’t be detected in the blood immediately.

You will not have to pay if you test with your GP, an NHS sexual health clinic or a testing centre such as Terrence Higgins Trust Fastest centres.

People can live with HIV for years before having any symptoms. Find out where to test and how the test will be carried out. Jump to: Antigens are present in large quantities in the early weeks after infection and then stop being detectable, whereas antibodies can take up to 12 weeks to be detectable and continue to be so.

It's common to feel nervous before taking an HIV test but the fact is that if you do have HIV the best possible thing is to get onto treatment as soon as possible.

As well as protecting your health and that of others, people who are diagnosed and start treatment in time can expect to live a normal lifespan.

Testing positive can save your life and add years to it.

Testing positive means you can start treatment which should lead to you having an undetectable viral load.