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Weather changes in moments here under Bernoulli's Principle, a convergence of three major weather systems, and the maddening three minutes since Pastrana and co-driver had skittered up the asphalt-tarmac-gravel glorified cart path in their Subaru rally car had allowed early autumn, fall, the first hint of spring and Indian summer to blow through.Snow and ice would temporarily close the road in just 11 days.The mechanics, videographers and spokes in the publicity machine that keep Pastrana's exploits churning into public consciousness anxiously waited."Cleared the cragway," came a voice on a walkie-talkie.After a well-staged exit from the car at the base of Mt. He is at the same time supremely self-assured and humble, displaying an audacity that most of the sane would deem foolishness, but in him is a calculating nature that tempers his bouts of recklessness. He'd shelved the landmark double back flip trick he was the first to perform in competition at the 2006 X Games. So we smashed it by 98 feet." Despite concocting and performing these and other risky deeds -- jumping a motorcycle between rooftops, flinging himself from an airplane without a parachute and waiting for a buddy jumper to grab him -- Pastrana has no death wish or brazen disregard for his life.Washington, a removal of his helmet, and a quick check to see if anyone else was coming at him with a boom microphone, he paused to absorb the moment. That was until friend and X Games rival called him an "old man" and levied a bet on which one them would win the X Games Moto X Freestyle competition this year. "It's amazing how much of that stuff works, though, huh? "If I've been trying to kill myself all this time, I'd like to think I'd have been a lot better at it." Still, Pastrana has paid dearly for his craft.The group's surprisingly low injury rate is a testament to their skills, not a sign that kids will be fine if they follow suit.

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They get creative, but they also egg each other on to try dangerous tricks, and it's easy to imagine viewers following suit.

The show offers little explanation or commentary -- just shot after shot of young men (and they're almost all men) flying over ramps, shooting down precarious water slides, flipping their motorcycles, and doing any other crazy tricks they can come up with.

Some are truly death-defying (leaping from a plane with no parachute), while others are just silly (rolling off a ramp on a wheeled office chair) -- but most end in spills and crashes.

The film was written, directed, and produced by Travis himself, with the help of his friends and the Nitro crew.

If this insane new trailer is anything to go by, Action Figures is going be next-level, jaw-dropping madness from start to finish!