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These donations not only support the digitizing work at the Vatican Library but also the work of cataloging and studying these important Syriac manuscripts.You can follow these ongoing developments on CPART’s website and Facebook page.Paul was beheaded by Roman authorities sometime between 65 and 67 A. He was buried a few miles away, and when the Roman Empire stopped persecuting Christians some 250 years later, the Emperor Constantine had a basilica built over his grave.It currently lies under a marble tombstone bearing the Latin inscription PAULO APOSTOLO MART (Apostle Paul, martyr), according to the Web site of the basilica.Even the manuscripts themselves are important for our understanding of scribal culture, as well as literary, intellectual, and religious history.To have these manuscripts available online will foster a whole new era of study on these important texts.” As with the Oxford and Heidelberg project, the BYU-Vatican Library Syriac Manuscript project is made possible by generous donors to Brigham Young University.Paul which "could be considered the oldest icon of the apostle known to date," the Vatican's official newspaper reported Sunday. Tecla Catacomb, is "among the oldest and best-defined figures from ancient Christianity," according to the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, L'Osservatore Romano reported. Paul is one of the most significant figures in Christianity.

So these manuscripts dating from the sixth to the nineteenth century are invaluable for our study of the literature produced by this branch of the ancient Christian church.What a remarkable time; vast libraries can be held in the palm of a hand, while more documents become available by the day.As this video shows, the Vatican Apostolic Library is adding a host of priceless religious documents to this abundance.Vatican City is one of the two independent states that are present in Italy.Besides containing the official site of the Pope and the Catholic Church, the so-called Holy See, it also boasts some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful buildings and artworks in the world.Here are some of the top choices while touring the grounds.