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Chronometric dating in archeology advances in archaeological and museum science gay sex dating website

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In Archaeological Investigations, PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, Volume V: Technical Studies, by Robert U. Report prepared for Pacific Gas Transmission Company, Portland, Oregon, by INFOTEC Research, Inc., Fresno, California, and Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Davis, California. Narrow rinds (under approximately two microns) are usually examined under a higher magnification. Hydration rinds smaller than one micron often cannot be resolved by optical microscopy. The Failure of Obsidian Hydration Dating: Sources, Implications, and New Directions. It is important to note that these values reflect only the reading uncertainty of the rim values and do not take into account the resolution limitations of the microscope or other sources of uncertainty that enter into the formation of hydration rims (Meighan 1981, 1983; Skinner 1995:5.13-5.19; Anovitz et al. Any attempts to convert rind measurements to absolute dates should be approached with great care and considerable skepticism, particularly when rates are borrowed from existing literature sources. When considered through long periods, the variables affecting the development of hydration rims are complex, and there is no assurance that artifacts recovered from similar provenances or locales have shared thermal and cultural histories. The hydration rate is typically established empirically through the calibration of measured samples recovered in association with materials whose cultural age is known or whose age can be radiometrically determined, usually through radiocarbon dating methods (Meighan 1976).

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Reasserting the Utility of Obsidian Hydration Dating: A Temperature-Dependent Empirical Approach to Practical Temporal Resolution with Archaeological Obsidians.

These cuts produce a cross-section of the artifact approximately one millimeter thick which is removed from the artifact and mounted on a petrographic microscope slide with Lakeside thermoplastic cement. A New Dating Method Using Obsidian: Part I, The Development of the Method.

The mounted specimen slide is ground in a slurry of 600 grade optical-quality corundum abrasive on a plate glass lap.

Hydration thicknesses are reported to the nearest 0.1 micron and represent the mean value for all readings.

Standard deviation values for each measured surface indicate the variability for hydration thickness measurements recorded for each specimen.