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Women are woken up in the middle of the night by tipsy aggressors who find their way into their quarters.

Incidents happen during dinners in mess rooms, on army ships, in a tent in the middle of a training field.

The office is considering putting in place a systematic investigation of harassment and sexual violence in the military, he says.

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Behind every incident, there is a life that gets jolted and starts to unravel, like aftershocks of an earthquake. It’s the way the military machine handles it—or doesn’t. It’s an organization built for war, where the success of the mission comes first.

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That was the headline on a Maclean’s cover in 1998—one of four cover stories that year stemming from a nine-month investigation into disturbing behaviour in the Canadian Forces.

Yurczyszyn was, until last year, a commanding officer at the Canadian Forces base in Wainwright, Alta.

Some of the main trouble spots are garrisons where large numbers of soldiers live in close quarters in barracks during their training.