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So the story is a little bit fishy from a medical standpoint, because he just would not have a sex drive, period." In the real world, Grey Worm's lack of sex drive wouldn't be Missandei's only hurdle. Nelson, women throughout history have found plenty of reasons to go to bed — both physically and metaphorically — with a eunuch. She could have this lover who would be an emotional person with her — a man without testosterone becomes highly emotional." Basically, if Missandei ever needs to vent after viewing the charred corpses of local livestock, or the crucified bodies of enslaved children, then Grey Worm's her guy.

If "Game of Thrones" focused a bit more on historical eunuch accuracy, then Dany's trusted warrior would definitely be the sexy chiseled man we see on TV. Generally, [they had] thinner arms and thinner legs and big, round torsos." This does not sound like our Grey Worm. "Women in the courts would have loved a [eunuch], because he was very much more in tune emotionally, and wasn't always after sex," Nelson concluded.

Tyler is kind and inclusive and uses his platform to spread positivity and acceptance but he doesn't shy away from more mature topics like sexuality, gender and equality, though he does present it in a playful way.

Though the biggest shocker on Sunday's (June 1) "Game of Thrones" was undoubtedly THAT scene, there was another, quieter moment that had fans buzzing — the romantic encounter between Daenerys' handmaiden Missandei and her number one solider, Grey Worm. Well, first of all, because it never happened in the books. As in definitely missing the stones, and very possibly the pillar eunuch.

In traditional fantasy, the Stark family would be the conquering heroes, their great honor and love for one another rewarded as they triumph over their corrupt enemies to save the realm. The honorable family patriarch's honor results in his death.

His valiant son dies, unarmed, at the hands of people he believed to be his allies.

Abraham Morgentaler, the Founder of Men's Health Boston and Associate Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School told us over the phone.

(It was also, as writer Bryan Cogman explains in an interview with Once Sansa was engaged to Ramsay, it would have been a cop-out to play this storyline any other way.

As my co-host Marc Faletti and I discuss in House Slate, our weekly take on the series, the point of , the book series this show is based on—is to subvert and complicate the standard tropes and narratives of fantasy fiction.

"Feelings of sexual intimacy in men come from more than just their testicles — personal connectedness, trust, affection, admiration, physical closeness, and cognitive conceptions of sex are all important." Okay, so we've determined that while Grey Worm's lusty gaze at the river was more than a little bit far-fetched, it's definitely possible that a deeper, more intimate connection could occur.

So now it's time to get to the gory details: what would happen if the duo actually decided to have sex?