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A slightly more complex test was done that exploited the location feature that most dating apps use.

You’re not supposed to be able to pinpoint someone’s exact location, but the researches got around this by giving the app fake coordinates and then seeing how their distance from a given user changed.

He also had a good job and happened to live relatively close to me.

Right away, the date had proven to be the best one I had been on in a while.

The researchers then tried to match that info with other social media networks to identify people.

I was proud of myself for bringing it up and having the conversation, rather than just ignoring it, which might have been my tendency in the past. A week after he asked me out, we met up for drinks at a place that I chose.And, of course, many people already do a low-tech version of this when they Tindstagram.It should be pointed out that for other apps where you only have access to first name, age, and photos, it proved very difficult to find people’s other social media profiles and pages — even using Google image search.She says, “I try to look professional, but I also love fashion.I look younger than I am, and work out regularly to stay fit.” Mallory’s friends would say she is “adventurous and fun, smart, loyal, compassionate and a good listener.” She says “I try to look at the positive side of things, and I’m open-minded.I’m always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.” She is into fitness, hiking, shopping, dining out at new restaurants and travel.