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His incompetence is showed particularly in "Bullseye!
The sacrifice of a goat beneath a fig tree is still considered a way to call rain in times of drought, but in this first case it was a different form of life sustaining rain that Gikuyu sought.

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You have to remember not to get overexcited though, just because you CAN wear it, doesn’t mean you should!

Not to mention the bingo wings that just won’t go away… You seem to have gone from a 36FF to a 34D overnight. The idea of not stepping on those scales for a couple of weeks makes you quite tense.He was a nice guy, but she never told him she had been with me or two other guy friends.She never told him anything, even though this guy hung out with us a lot.It’s like your body hasn’t got used to the lack of insulation…You’re the one wearing a woolly jumper in the height of summer.Working so hard just to cover yourself in a tent seems insane.